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Gwinnett Character Appearances by
The Dragon Rider.

The image below was taken at the Cheetah in Atlanta GA after winning 1st prize in their Halloween Costume Contest.
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This custom made costumed performer will astound kids & adults alike. Standing almost 7 feet tall with a total length of over 8 feet long and a wingspan of more than 6 feet. This guy stands out in any crowd.

One of a kind character appearance that will turn heads & have everyone talking.

Great for Halloween Parties, Corporate Functions, Private Parties, Public Performances and Business Functions.
Based on a mid-evil knight, this costumed performer riding a custom made dragon will "stalk" the premises in an ominous and interactive manner providing entertainment that will be talked about as one of the most unique character appearances around.

The dragon's head and neck can turn to look left & right as well as raise & lower the head. The dragons wings can be opened by the rider & the dragon has a voice & sound effects created & provided by the rider.

Note: This costumed performer is not meant for events with small children. The Dragon Rider is a scary costume & it can frightened small children.
(it frightens some adults too!)

This costume tends to put people in a state of awe just to look at it. Some people will go out of their way to keep from getting too close and others will walk right up and ask to have their picture taken with it. It is a lot of fun.

Based out of Lawrenceville in Gwinnett County Georgia and serving Greater Atlanta and beyond. Dragon Rider can visit your location and provide an element of excitement that no other character appearance can offer!

Award Winner!
95.5 the Beat Atlanta - Halloween 2005 - 1st prize
Dragon*Con Atlanta - September 2005 - Best In Show
the Cheetah Atlanta - Halloween 2004 - 1st prize
Q100.5 Jack-Q-Lantern Atlanta - Halloween 2004 - 1st prize
Tijuana Joe's Cantina Atlanta - Halloween 2004 - 1st prize
Johnny's Hideaway Atlanta - Halloween 2004 - 1st prize
Jack's Fort Lauderdale - Halloween 2003 - 1st prize

The Dragon Rider is available day and evenings for private & public events.

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