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Monsta's Gaming Chairs are a full line of products from complete gaming chair systems to individual add-on components that you attach to your existing office or desk chair. Monsta's Gaming Chairs are compatible with any PC, Mac, XBox, PS2, PS3, GameCube, Wii or other.á


A gaming chair in relation to games & video gaming is a chair that has input/output devices built into, or onto, the chair itself. Things like your joystick and your throttle stick, also known as a "HOTAS". These can be mounted directly to your chair to give you the best performance from your gaming hardware.

If you own a "HOTAS", it doesn't make sense to set it on your desk or in your lap while you use it. These devices are usually very sensitive & precise pieces of hardware and to get the best performance, they need to be steadily positioned. Monsta's Gaming Chairs has a series of add-on components that you attach to your office or desk chair allowing you to mount almost anything you want directly to your chair. You have finally found the best gaming chair there is.

No other system gives you as much flexibility and stability as one of
"Monsta's Gaming Systems".

You can have complete control of the position of every peripheral independently. From millimeters to inches, you can adjust everything to an exact fit. If you have an office chair, this system will attach right to it. If you want something a little more "Extreme", We have that covered too!

Your friends and family will be awe struck. You will have the coolest office chair on the block! Everyone will want to try it out.

* Mount your keyboard and mouse directly to your chair.
* Mount your gaming joysticks directly to your chair.
* Mount your surround sound speaker system directly to your chair.
Need a document holder for transferring that text by hand, mount it ON your chair.

Compatible With Most Office & Desk Chairs

Monsta Gamer Extreme on a custom Racing Seat. Flight Simulation, Racing Simulation, Computer/IT professionals, Work From Home Entreprenuers, they all LOVE a Monsta Chair!These configurations attach easily to most office or desk chairs. Using the mounting hardware provided, you can choose which method is best for you. Bolt it on or clamp it on. You pick where & how. We include mounting instructions with your purchase so you know exactly how to attach the system. If you can't get this system to mount as it is, we can fabricate´┐Ża custom mounting bracket that will resolve any issues. Monsta has a system that will attach to your current chair. If you need or want a new chair to complete the package, Monsta has that too! TOTAL FLEXIBILITY.

Monsta Chair configurations are also compatible with Herman-Miller Aeron Chairs, HotSeat Racing Chairs, Pyramat S5000 Sound Rocker Gaming Chairs, the PC Gaming Chair and many more. Add a Monsta Chair system to give you the flexibility NO OTHER SYSTEM OFFERS.


These configurations can be used in a huge variety of ways. For Flight Simulation, Driving Simulation, Virtually any Console or PC Gaming System, use it to mount your Joysticks. Computer Professionals like Web Site Designers, Audio Engineers, Programmers and Data Entry Specialists can improve productivity by mounting their keyboard and mouse to their office chair. From the casual surfer or computer user to the hard core gamer or professional, everyone can benefit from this flexible& versatile product.

Super Heavy Duty

Made of Heavy Duty Steel & Aluminum, this system will be sturdy and dependable for years to come. It would take nothing short of an emergency ejection at high altitude to damage this system.

Flight Simulation and the keyboard AND MOUSE all right there too! It just doesn't get any better!Completely Adjustable

You can manipulate every element of this system to get the EXACT fit you are trying to achieve. It doesn't matter if you are short or tall, wide or narrow. These add-on components will give you complete control over where you mount your devices. No other system gives you as much flexibility and stability.


  • Gamers WILL see an improvement in performance & scores.*
  • Computer Professionals WILL see increased productivity.*
    *your results may vary

The Monsta Chair is THE chair Monsta uses and is actually an automotive racing seat converted to a desk chair.
A custom mounting system was built into the base of this seat to attach the platform system. You can own an exact replica of this chair.

(the kid's call it the bumble-bee chair.)

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